Pure Data derived patches not working on Pod

Hi everyone,

I’m a total beginner trying to get a Pd patch into my Pod. I was able to convert the pod_test pd file (from the pod examples in the pd2dsy repo), as well as some other basic sine wave patches using HVCC, then generating .bin files with “make”, then flash them to the pod through the Web Programmer, but the patches are just not working, and I don’t know how to tell what the problem is, since I’m not getting any errors.

When I build the pod_test cpp files that also came in the examples folder, it still doesn’t work. BUT when I build any of the other example files that were not made in Pd, they work fine on the Pod.

Am I missing something here?

There are some changes coming down the pipe for pd2dsy that will make the process a lot easier, you might want to wait to test some more until those get merged. If you’re savvy with git you can get in there and try them out early.

Here’s a bin file I was able to confirm working, maybe you can try flashing it yourself and let me know if that works. Dropbox - pod_test.bin - Simplify your life

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Darn I downloaded the new repo but can not figure out how to run the GUI

What’s your operating system? I made some standalone applications with the GUI for each one.

I am on OSX–thanks for any help

Oh and what’s your architecture? Is it the new Apple silicon (M1)?

Oh yes sorry to have left that out:)