Pumpy.. a daisypatch auto sidechain pumper

Pumpy is an LFO for sidechaining. It works the same as XFER LFOTool. This is because I literally sampled LFOTool 4 times on a high DC signal and cleaned up the waveform in RX after. 4 intensity levels, 4 samples. You need the samples on a FAT 16 formatted SD drive. So don’t forget that. Just download from the link.

You just feed a 1/4 note pulse at your tempo to the gate and it will send perfect sidechaining curves out of both CV ports. So for all you analog purists, you can get digital perfect sidechaining, but keep all the sound through analog VCA’s. LINEAR CURVES work best. This is already an exponential envelope so exp curves will get sort of crazy. Maybe ill add a linear curve just cause idk. Inside, there are also 4 internal sidechains. Edit the Max file to turn them into a summing mixer. It is insanely light on CPU. I can run mine at 96khz, 2 block size at 28%. Microseconds of latency.

Offset and slewing to avoid clicks. It keeps tempo via tempo counter. It doesn’t trigger on gates like an envelope. This allows the use of a delay to be able to offset the pump anywhere in the beat. Performance friendly, 1 knob per control. I included the max patch too since this is something people will want to throw in groups or customize. The files do eat at your memory. Runs so damn fast though.