Project Generator (idea)

Hi all!
I tried to use the libs inside xcode but i got always some libs that cannot be found.
I was using the juce to make some vst ( i am still a noob).
I got a daisy pod and wanted to port dsp code i have written.
It is a basic amplitude modulation of an input signal with four algorithms.
(Tri, Cos, Noise + Cosine, Noise + seed(ms))
Juce programmers offer have an app called projucer and it creates by itself
the xcode project and all linking of files (libs).
Also openframeworks has a project generator.
This would be a great improvement to make one for the daisy programmers.
Has anyone got some success with visual studio code, codeblocks ecc…?
Can someone tell me how to do it or point me into the right direction how to include the libs in the right way?
Anyone has tried to do it on rasberry pi (running ubuntu 64 bit)?
Thank you for taking your time…
Cheers and happy seeding :smiley:

Hi Bee, welcome to the forum!

I recently added a file that can be used to create new projects within the DaisyExamples hierarchy.

It doesn’t have the configuration that projucer offers, and does not support native VisualStudio or XCode yet, but it does provide project files for:

  • Make/Command Line builds
  • VS Code + Cortex Debug extension
  • Visual Studio + VisualGDB extension

This makes creating new projects that can be debugged fairly simple (compared to a lot of text replacement, or set up that would be required otherwise).

To copy an existing example as a starting point you can do:

./ copy seed/MyNewProject --source seed/Knob

or to create a new project from scratch:

./ create seed/MyNewProject --board seed

At some point we may add a GUI, and additional features to the code-generation, but this is a good starting point if you weren’t aware of it, and all you need is to have python (3) installed for it to work.

Building on Raspberry Pi should be pretty similar since the toolchain is not tied to any particular architecture or OS.

Hope that helps!

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It is possible to do it on a Pi, but be aware that the compilers for the Arm A series Pi and the M series Seed are different but some parts, especially libraries, have the same name and it is quite easy to get them confused and spend ages chasing make failures.