Programing Daisy on breadboard with Gen

Hi. This is my first posting here. I just bought the Daisy Seed so i could build my own audio instruments using Gen, which i am familiar with. My simple question is if it is possible to program the microcontroller without using the pod, patch, petal or field platforms? I have tried searching for some info on the topic, but can not seem to find anything.

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Yes, the Seed can be programmed without anything else.

Thanks for answer. Do anyone know where to find some documentation to point me in the right direction concerning how to program it with Gen. When using oopsy, you have to chose between one of the four units i mentioned. But i am not using any of these.

The easiest thing to do if you don’t have any clear ideas of hardware layout yet is to mimic parts of an existing platform.

For example, you could use the Pod platform in oopsy with a single pot and LED, as long as you connect them to the same pins that the Pod uses.

You can also create a custom JSON file for your hardware and use that. I’m not exactly sure how that works, but @grrrwaaa might have some documentation up somewhere.

Hi this is being actively worked on!

There’s a github issue here Support for custom Seed projects · Issue #34 · electro-smith/oopsy · GitHub and some interim wiki docs here Custom Seed Targets · electro-smith/oopsy Wiki · GitHub as well as some conversations in this forum and on the slack.

Also until the next update, you’ll want to be working from the dev branch of oopsy – you’ll see there that the Max interface now has a “browse” button you can use to pick your custom JSON config file for your seed layout.

Or in the meantime you can run oopsy as a Node.js script from a command line and pass the JSON path as an argument.