Program with Puredata or gen~?

Hello, I own a Daisy Seed and I want to make a program that reads .wav files from an external SD, save them into SDRAM and then plays them controlled by MIDI

I know a bit of Puredata but I don’t kwow if pd2dsy is elaborated enough to do this.

Next steps

  1. Add support for Daisy Field.
  2. Clean up board support to be metadata based, and a bit easier to add new boards
  3. SDRAM support for larger buffers/delays.
  4. Add support different types of controls (i.e. switches are currently only bangs, but should also be able to be toggles).
  5. Double check licensing requirements, etc. and bundle a pre-compiled binaries for the arm toolchain into the project for built-in compilation
  6. Add a GUI? (Web app / built in tester, similar to OWL platform?)

-From GitHub - electro-smith/pd2dsy: Utility for converting Pure Data (Vanilla) patches to Daisy projects.

I am specially concerned about audio quality and latency in my program. So what does exactly mean the second “next step” (2. SDRAM support for larger buffers/delays) ? Pd2dsy has some quality/delay issues? It can’t use the SDRAM?

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