Processor temperature

Daisy is a little hot for me. I used a cooler, but the heat seems high. Does anyone have a similar experience? It’s alright? I only have USB connected. The board is not in the breadboard.

I noticed the pins seem to be used to conduct heat away but that’s quite common. There are lots of stick-on heatsinks that will fit though. Best to look at the Raspberry Pi places as that often has far more serious cooling issues.

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Hey - yeah I’m finding the same thing - just got my daisy seeds - and trying out the various demos.
And the arm chip gets hot! maybe 35-40c at a guess!!! (those temps because I can hold my finger on the chip indefinitely - and not get skin burns)

I did plug some headphones directly into the audio out and it got much much hotter - luckly I disconnected after a few seconds. I’m guess headphones need resisters or a separate amp board.

Headphones impedance is low, especially with small ear buds for mobile devices. You need a specific amplifier able to deliver the required amount of current. Line outputs are not designed for this use.
But this is weird that the ARM chip overheated. It would more likely affect the codec.

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The arm chip got super hot very quickly when I plugged em in for a while :slight_smile:

It’s no big deal - like I said I’ll just get a small amp board.

FWIW I use a pair of 64 Ohm headphones plugged into the audio line out w/o getting any heat problems.

yeah - I decided to experiment - I left my headphones plugged in for a few hours with that tone example - same temp as normal. I think I must have been overly cautious and imagined it got super hot :slight_smile: I think it’s from playing with the pi pico - and being used to that for the last few days!

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Yeah, it is a good think to look out for heat problems. I remember once using an Arduino Mega controlling some MIDI stuff. I was very happy that it worked after soldering a lot of stuff and writing the (then) advanced program. Until I noticed a small smoke tendril rising up from the processor! :smiley: (The Mega sadly died that day.)

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Oh man that sucks - nothing worse than a ton of soldering and then some magic smoke! :frowning:

I’m planning to encase my first seed project in potting compound - so I’m a bit worried about it overheating - It’s might ruin my plans!! I don’t want to have to design a circuit board (kicad) and a box - I want to cement the thing - it’s much easier!

What is that? Like epoxy? Oh, looked it up on YouTube – brutal stuff! :slight_smile:

BTW what are you planning to build?

umm a all in one thing !
first of all porting my reverb code, then I got onto the idea of a little layered sf2 synth, then I thought about adding a tb303, a mod player, a JP8k and then another thing and another e.t.c…

it could be a endless project that ends up in the shrine of unfinished projects folder!!

But I’m planning out the hardware first!

12 pots
1 320x240 spi touch screen
a few navigation buttons
battery space

I did start a pcb design for it - but I’m so lazy I though I’ll just cement the thing - saves making a box e.t.c…

I don’t know if the potting will work - never tried it before - if I can find something it doesnt stick to - I can fence off the pots switches and screen and remove the fences after it’s dried and have a solidly encased device!

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Sound really cool! A HW platform for endless experiments. There is a lot of power in the Daisy.

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Make sure you use the thermal conductive potting compound. The normal stuff would probably fry the Seed