Preventing reverb clipping

When using the ReverbSc class with feedback set to infinite or near infinite the audio quickly begins to clip. This can easily be reproduced with the reverbsc example with the feedback value set to 1.0 (or near 1.0) and it will quickly begin to distort.

Forgive my ignorance but are there any techniques to prevent this kind of accumulated gain overload?

Your ignorance is forgiven, perhaps even admired, as in “ignorance is bliss”.

As to your question. Yes- there are many techniques to reduce the howl of feedback. What are you trying to accomplish by setting feedback to 'infinite or near infinite". Reverb is intrinsically related to feedback in both the “real” world and in digital signal processing.

At the risk of sounding like a doctor telling you not to do that, the simplest “technique” that will prevent feedback is not setting the parameter-knob to get it.

There are various hardware and software techniques that avoid or prevent feedback - it’s a big topic.

I’m trying to achieve a reverb with a long tail which needs a high level of feedback.

In my blissful ignorance I would guess that I would need to modify the ReverbSc class itself to do some kind of gain compensation when it calculates the feedback signal.

That would work, I think.

Would it be possible to set the sustain time on the source that the reverb is being applied to, or perhaps on a control for the reverb? That might be a quick and dirty way of accomplishing the “long tail”, assuming that you like the results.