Powering Pod with 9v Battery--why the noise?

I’m trying to power a Pod from a battery (using a very simple additive synth out of PD). If I use 9v, it works, but after a minute or so, I start to hear a noise in the headphones (static with a pitch, like when you run a motorized appliance near a radio.) This gets continually louder until it overpowers the signal. If I disconnect/reconnect the battery, the noise persists unless I let it sit for a while. When I come back later, it starts off working but goes through the same transformation.

I’ve tried lowering the voltage using resistors to make a voltage-divider, but even at 6v it looks like it’s not enough to power the pod (LED on the seed gets a dim glow, so there’s power, but nothing happens.).

Edit: Is anyone else having this problem?

I’m new to electronics and Daisy, so I’m sure it’s something simple/stupid. Any suggestions?