Power supply noise on Daisy seed

Hello community,

I am currently experimenting with the Daisy seed on breadboard, for now on a very simple setup, nothing crazy:
-2 x 10k potentiometers
-2 audio ins / 2 audio out
-Tweaking some gen~ codes inside all that

Perfect when plugged on USB, super sound. When I try to power up all that using VIN pin i have a very strong noise issue (even if i only connect positive or negative point of the power supply anywhere on ± of the breadboard). Sounds totally like a ground problem but everything seems to be well connected, DGND and AGND are also connected…I tried different configuration but i saw many thread speaking about fried seeds because of bad ground connections, i prefer asking advices from pros before making the next move.

Sorry in advance if it’s obvious, I’m currently learning and discovering. Thanks in advance!


Can you describe your power input circuit? (What voltage are you sending to the input, where is it coming from, do you have any filtering, etc.?)

Also, if you could describe or upload a sound example of the noise you’re hearing that could help narrow down issues. (Is it white noise, is it tonal, is a 60Hz ground hum, etc.?)

Thanks for your feedback Stephen, so fast support as always.

Ok shame on me…Obviously it was a ground issue but simply because I connected the wrong pin of my socket out to the ground … :man_facepalming:
Sounds perfectly ok on USB but off then created a noisy interference whith an external supply. Sorry for the inconvenience, don’t know if the thread is revelant at the end. And thanks again for the amazing product, i’m at the very beginning but allready so much fun.

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