Pots resolution and capacitive sensors

Hello! I’m about to receive my daisy seed and I’m super excited!
I just have two questions to get started:

  1. I’m buying some potentiometers, will 10k ohm give me good ADC resolution to do modulation?

  2. can I use the CapacitiveSensor arduino library with daisy seed or should I use something else?

Thanks and sorry for the total neewb questions.

@andrea_i hi there! welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

a 10k ohm potentiometer is usually a convenient choice for ADC treatment. in fact, the rating of a potentiometer does not actually affect the resolution of the value read from the ADC, since that’s something dependent of the ADC hardware itself! the resistance value is only ever relevant with regard to current draw according to Ohm’s law: a 100k pot will use less current than a 10k, for example. in both cases, the potentiometer acts as a voltage divider relative to the voltage that goes through it (3.3 volts, in this case), and an ADC’s job is usually going to be to measure the voltage anyways. i do recommend reading more on that matter here if you would like more information.

that said, the Seed requires you to bridge the GND pin (pin 40; bottom-left) to AGND (pin 20; top-right) for the ADC to work at all, so make sure you’ve done that if you run into any problems! otherwise, you should get pretty decent results using the Knob example as a starting point.

if you’re looking to use Arduino libraries, consider using DaisyDuino. the Daisy Seed uses an STM32H7 processor, which relies on an architecture that is different from usual Arduino controllers, so Arduino isn’t the default framework here! but with DaisyDuino you should be able to run most libraries; CapacitiveSensor doesn’t seem terribly complex as far as i can tell, so you should be okay hehe

hope this helps! let me know if you have other questions

Hi, thanks for the reply! the daisy-seed is here with me since yesterday and I wish I had your reply while I was trying to understand why connecting just AGND or DGND was not giving me the expected results :rofl:

I’m using the DaisyDuino and I’m stoked at the in/out capabilities and simplicity! Every pin I tried so far was capable of PWM output, the 12 ADC inputs are also plenty to play with, so much potential with this little board!

EDIT: actually, the PWM out is giving me troubles, I thought I had it working, but on a closer inspection it looks like I can only get it to work on the two DAC out pins, am I doing something wrong here? there can’t be only two PWM outs…