Potentiometers and sharing guitar module

Hi, I’m pretty seriously considering doing a PCB for a bass (or guitar) based on the Daisy Seed. It would just plug into a standard J-bass control cavity and holes. It would use a flat lithium battery and have a built in charger. I’m sure I could spin a variant for other common form factors. So two questions:

First, I’m having trouble finding concentric pcb mount pots and knobs. That way 4 parameters plus volume can be controlled. Standard practice seems to be to order in the 1000s. Any advice here? It’s the main impediment to getting this project going

Second, if I want to share the design open source, how is that usually done?

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This sounds really cool!

You can order concentric/dual pots from most guitar parts suppliers. Here’s one:

I’m not sure if that’s quite what you’re looking for.

Regarding open source hardware/design I think most people just post their schematics and documents on GitHub with a permissive license so they can be revisioned and contributed to by the open source community. Here are some examples: open-source-hardware · GitHub Topics · GitHub

Hi…I haven’t assembled the Amentum yet I do have a PCB I plan to work for myself since I have perused that the Arrows functions admirably for bass - bunches of EQD stuff functions admirably with bass (I’m a bass player myself).

I generally do a Google search with the creation model of the impact I’m thinking about and simply add “bass” toward the end (something like “EQD Arrows bass”). You’ll normally discover a few discussions with individuals discussing them and how they work with bass. For mods you’ll likely need to breakout parts of the PCB to a breadboard in the event that you don’t discover anything that is as of now been done and tried.

I can say from individual experience that the Obsidius sounds stunning on bass.