Porting Patches/Scripts

Hello everyone!
Had a couple of questions I’m hoping the more knowledgeable and experienced might be able to answer. I have a terrarium on the way (very excited), and I was wondering…

  1. would it be possible to import patches/scripts made for the modular version of daisy into the terrarium?

  2. what are the possibilities of porting lua programs from scripts like Monome Norns? Could/has this been done?

Should be possible, but you might have more useful answer on their forums.

It’s zero possibilities, more or less - currently there’s no way to run Lua. Theoretically it could be doable, there’s a version of Lua for microcontrollers. I wouldn’t expect that to run on Daisy soon, at least there’s been no news about anyone trying that. Also, Norns runs on top of Linux OS, so it may require some functionality provided by it.

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