PolySynth trs Midi Glitches?

Hello Everybody,

i am new to using Daisy(Pod) and have tried to reimplement the 8 voice polyphonic synth for a practice following (GitHub - Nettech15/Daisy-Seed-8-Voice-VA-Synthesizer: Daisy Seed 8-Voice VA Synthesizer with USB-MIDI interface.).

It works well, sounds nice, but I get strange midi errors (ghost midiOn an CC message with strange values, never sent by my midi keyboard) when I increase the number of voices beyond 4.

I am using Arduino ide, and it seems, that the AudioCallback is interfering with the midi lib (for trs not usb_midi).

Is this known issue? Is DaisyDuino so much less powerful ? Did I miss a configuration, like changing
processor frequency ?

Sorry for the rather general question … as I said, just starting off :slight_smile:

Thank you


If you care to look at the code … it is here

Found the solution :slight_smile:

It is indeed an issue with AudioCallback → the default audio block size is 48 samples.
Turning ist down to 12 samples allows for full 8 voices with 4 oscillators giving you that
beloved SuperSaw.

So just add


to the setup routine.

Ok, time to go home.

Best wishes



Glad to hear that you found a solution :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have any questions!