Pollen8 update

Back at the daisy and having tons of fun. This platform is quite capable!

Adding some features to Pollen8 on top of what it already does…

8 voice 6op FM is currently working, though still a fair bit to do. All operators support feedback, and I’m currently using more sane ADSR style envelopes.

Also added user customizable CC / sysex control via a config file on the sd card.

Will post again once it’s completed!



sounds rad! any possibility of making a Field/Patch version with a visual interface in the future?

Yeah - I just took the plunge into eurorack and purchased a patch today - so I’ll be able to start that soon…!


That sounds great!!! Thanks for the update. :clap:

Friggen awesome! I have a XVI 16n faderbank and a pemanent routing from it’s midi to the daisy to control the patches I make in Max/Gen.

It would be fun connecting the faders to the FM stuff.

I can speak nothing about the difficulty of this. But if it took 2048 sample wavetables, no morphing, just the single tables, it would be pretty insane. Then you can just export serum individual tables and have a crap ton of stuff to work with.

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The anticipation is now killing me :slight_smile:

Hah me too. It’s all working - VA with some new features, and now a 6 op FM mode.

All of the work has pretty much been in the UI, I’m like 99% there, ironing out the last few issues.

To be honest I’ve considered seeing if there was anyone running the field that would want to try out a beta version, the documentation for this will take a bit of time in itself…!

I’ve got a pod version running and will move to the patch once this is released - with the core re-do I already have done that will by no means be as much work.


The algorithm select page reminds me of a shift pattern. Now where is that “R” operator… :grinning:


That looks amazing! Looking forward to it.

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