Pollen8 not working on Pod

I can’t get Pollen8 working on my Pod. :frowning:
I’ve tried some test code like “Midi” and that works fine, midi in, audio out loud and clear.
But with Pollen8 I get virtually inaudible audio. The .bin loads up ok and the software appears to be working (coloured menus/submenus follow the docs and the Seed’s light flashes on midi in).
I assume there is a default init patch that loads (in the absence of anything on an SD card).
If I max out the headphone volume I can just about hear something synth-like but it’s right at the noise floor.
Anyone got any ideas… :thinking: ?

Ok, I did some more digging and found the answer to my own question in another post.
It’s not good news and it’s disappointing that Electro-Smith is still promoting the Daisy Pod with out-of-date/incompatible software… :angry:

Worse to me is @hammondeggsmusic not updating Pollen8!
Good but buggy on the Feild.

Pollen(8) was written using the original version of the Seed which featured an AKM codec which went end of life after the factory caught on fire.

In order to use the current Daisy Seed, any firmware that was written before the switch needs to be compiled with the latest version of libDaisy.

The author of Pollen(8) has been very busy and the firmware is not open source.

I did not realize that video was still on the Daisy Pod product page.
We’ll get that updated so that people are not confused in the future!


Thanks for the response/clarification. :slight_smile:

Does anybody know if there has been any work done on Pollen8 codec?

As of February of this year, this is the state of the project. The firmware not being open sourced makes it difficult for other people to update/modify it.

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Maybe @hammondeggsmusic would be so kind as to open source this?

That would be excellent