Pollen liked synth on Patch

I am not a coding capable musician but I really appreciated the power Daisy has given me. Just identified a 8-voice synth available for Pod although now inaccessible on the web. Hope that some experts can plot that to Patch which can enable us Eurorack fans to have a real good instrument to plug in their gear for new songs.Really want this happening soon :- D

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Hi there - I just saw this, not sure why the synth is unavailable on the web (though I think I’m having some issues with my site being inaccessible in some countries…!?)

Pollen8 should be available at hammondeggsmusic

I am currently updating the pollen8 synth with a ton of new feature and hope to add oled enabled synth support soon like the patch and field.



Really good to know you have plan to make Pollen available on Patch. I will be the first one to get it if ready. Can wait to have Pollen into my Eurorack kit.

Just purchased a patch today, so hopefully soon!

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