PM cross feedback sound module into patch:init with C/Oct and envelope

I did this tutorial where I show how to adapt a PM cross feedback maxpatch from the book Generating Sound & Organizing Time by Graham Wakefield and Gregory Taylor and flash it into the Electrosmith Patch:init submodule. This can be used as an example for anyone who is starting to program with Max gen~ (like me) and want to learn how to adapt Gen~ examples to flash them into patch:init.

I also explain how to control the pitch of the synth module from with an external CV instrument or sequencer, something that I couldn’t find how to do it. I have also included an adjustable envelope to the patch. thanks @Takumi_Ogata for the help.
It is my first tutorial, I hope it would be useful for someone. Thanks a lot!

The patch:


This is super well documented and informative :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for putting this together!

It makes the whole process look intuitive for people who are interested in creating a custom module using gen~ and the Daisy!