Plugdata: Is hv.reverb~ working?

I wanted to try out hv.reverb~ in my patch for daisy.
It seems to get compiled and loaded, but then crashes on startup.
As far as I understand, no parameters have to be set, as all of them have defaults.
Any hints very welcome, many thanks!

You will likely need to have additional space for the dynamic tables used as audio buffer.
This means you’ll probably need to use a custom linker that uses SDRAM.

At the moment you can get these either manually from the toolchain: <documents_dir>/plugdata/Toolchain/etc/linkers/ or from pd2dsy: pd2dsy/util at master · electro-smith/pd2dsy · GitHub

We are still working out the proper UI/UX to allow to integrate this back into the compile menu.

Thank you for the hint about RAM size!
I modified hv.reverb~, which does allocate a huge buffer for predelay of 3000ms, which is not used at all using the presets. I reduced this to 30ms, and then it works with “Big”.
(((I also introduced a message to provide loadbang into [guts], as I have read that loadbang does not work in subpatches. - Not necessary!)))

Where have you read this?

In Heavy there is no such thing as a “subpatch” (its graph gets resolved to the parent) so this certainly works, but I think in Pd it should also work just fine?

This just works for me in pd:

Hm thanks for this too! I do not remember, where I read this, perhaps it was related to some old version. As I am learning I am googling and sometimes this leads me to wrong conclusions… I will delete this sentence, don’t want to spread wrong informations, sorry!

Found it: Loadbang in a subpatch doesn’t work | PURE DATA forum~ ( Well, 5 years old…