PLUGDATA - How to use memory model HUGE?

using plugdata I am running out of memory for the “small” Patch Size.
If I switch to HUGE, the patch does not start up. I have to press the reset button.
The second problem is, that the upload does not always overwrite the old program.
What am I doing wrong here?
Thank you!

You can first try the Big option, as this uses the SRAM rather than QSPI for storage, and should be much faster.

Are you sure the bootloader gets installed? Please confirm that you are flashing by activating the bootloader.

Sorry, feeling very dumb.
Do I need to flash the bootloader first somehow? How?
I have read that there should be “program-boot” offered somewhere - I assume that is supposed to be in the code-studio environment? But while I can run the blink example there, I cannot find the program-boot thingy.

Edit: The Web-Programmer can program the bootloader. So now I was able to flash Huge.

OK, I now learned, that the BIG option actually does flash permanently but at start up loads into static RAM. It is twice as fast as Huge in my case. (Average cpu load)

Many thanks!

Plugdata will try to flash the bootloader, but on subsequent flashing you should make sure that it is loaded: click reset, if the boot LED is fading in and out the bootloader is waiting. Click the boot button: the bootloader will stay in waiting mode. (if you don’t click the boot button it will try to go into boot)

Thanks again!!!
Perhaps it would be one of the rare opportunities to make things simpler, if the “small” option would be deleted or hidden from the download menu, as probably anyone will hit the limits soon?

This has indeed been considered. Having two separate flashing modes can be a bit confusing and most users are likely to hit the size limit.

However in the current release of libDaisy there are some minor bugs when using the bootloader. So we won’t make this decision just yet.