Please Provide Schematic for Daisy Seed Rev 7!

(how is the way in this forum to address a person?)
could you please provide schematics for Daisy Seed Rev. 7 and answer the question? It is just such a waste of time and effort to have to guess and experiment!!!

The question was here, how it is possible to set the input gain register in PCM3060 using plugdata? Daisy Seed Rev 7 PlugData: How to Set Input Gain - Integrations / Pure Data - Daisy Forums (
Thank you! Christof

No answer for 9 days.
Perhaps I should ask a simpler question to get an answer:

In Daisy Seed Rev7, is I2C or some other line to send commands to PCM3060 codec chip connected, so that you can program the input attenuation registers?
Thank you!


Thank you for the wait! Seed Rev7 schematic is now available on the product page.

That schematic isn’t helpful for answering @cebersp question about pcm3060.

It appears that only page 1 of the schematic was uploaded

Just got a board to demo this week. From what I can see, the PCM3060 is running with parallel hardware control (see the datasheet). Pins are programmed with resistors pulling high or low. It doesn’t appear there is an active I2C connection for configuring additional registers.

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I only saw the title of the post, I’m sorry. I can have a closer look at the question.

Hi Nate, the schematic is 1 page.

Hm, according to this schematic, Rev 7 has no codec at all and no external Ram???

The reference schematics are intentionally incomplete.

Yes, my post was intented to hold some irony… :face_with_spiral_eyes:
I can understand, that a complete schematic might invite some copy. On the other hand, it could be helpful for an active community.

Thank you! Meanwhile, I do think too, that there is no connection for commands.

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It seems curious that before yesterday there was a repo at that had complete schematics for the previous versions and the complete schematic for v5 is in the datasheet

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Hi All!

I wanted to chime in here to clear up some things.

First of all, sorry for the confusion and lack of communication from Electrosmith. We are in the process of rearranging the Daisy ecosystem right now which has led to many things being moved around.

  1. I2C is not connected to the onboard audio codec. We are adding some info on how to connect this using an external audio codec in the datasheet.

  2. The public Daisy Seed schematic is now a reduced schematic. This means that we will not be providing all of the information required to clone the existing Seed. With that being said, we are very eager to support the community and provide all information which is needed to adequately develop with the platform.

  3. The Hardware GitHub repo has been taken down, and we have moved all relevant assets to their associated product pages on our website. This is part of an overall goal to reduce the need for GitHub so that more people can access pertinent technical info.

Hope this helps!

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There doesn’t seem to be scematics for the Petal or Field, which is a shame as they were useful. The open source nature of the hardware was a big appeal of the platform.

We are still in the process of adding all of the design files for some of the breakout products to their product pages.

All boards which are not the Daisy Seed are Open Source Hardware and we are making sure that all of the appropriate files are on the website.
This process may take a few more days.


Thanks, that’s good to know!

How will you deal with the different hardware revisions? As some people may want to have a reference to a specific version of the board that is maybe not explicitly in the store right now.

There is a new page in the datasheet which addresses the different audio codecs and associated versions of the Daisy Seed.

This should answer most things, and if there are specific questions not covered, we’ll be happy to add them.

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yes first questions:

  1. R7 0R DNI. This means Device Not Inserted???
  2. As far as I understand the new “schematic”, the LP2985 is no more used to produce +3V3_A but for a internal voltage 4V5? So +3V3_A is now only filtered by R6,C1 from digital 3V3?
  3. I think it would be a good idea, to provide information about the possible external load on +3V3_A and +3V3_D.