Plans to support RNBO

Any plans to support RNBO on the Daisy? Seems like a match made in heaven. Yeah, ~gen is great but RNBO bring a whole new level of awesome.


I think the question to Cycling74 is whether they plan to support Daisy on RNBO.

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Sounds like those of us who are interested need to start requesting this feature from Cycling74. I’ve been on the fence about moving to Daisy for Eurorack, but if RBNO happened it would become a no brainer.

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I agree that this would be a game changer. I asked about this on IG, they said “we’ll be looking into it for future updates”. ¯|(ツ)

Hiya! Just wanted to chime in with our thoughts here at Electrosmith

RNBO is super exciting, and seems like it may have a very promising future with hardware platforms like Daisy.

The compiled export currently supports a limited number of pre-built targets (plugin formats, and Raspberry Pi).
However, the C++ code export could potentially already be used within a Daisy project.
We haven’t looked into what kind of integration this would take, but we don’t have any immediate plans to develop anything specific at this time.

Based on the latest from Cycling74’s support page, there is a bit about bare-metal support (without access to the c++ standard library):

It may be possible to run without the C++ standard library support for more restricted “bare metal” hardware platforms, but currently it will require manual tweaking of the exported code, and is not an officially supported feature. We hope to improve RNBO C++ code export support for “bare metal” platforms over time.

If it’s something you’re interested in seeing supported, definitely continue to make that clear to Cycling74, and we’ll keep our eyes and ears out as RNBO matures.

Somehow it doesn’t say anywhere that it’s written to run in a multi-threaded environment. Their Engine class has mutexes and concurrent queues and whatnot, making it impossible to run it as is on embedded environment. That class also includes what looks like a reference counting garbage collector for patch data. There is a base class (EngineCore) that doesn’t have those restriction, but it only provides part of functionality.

So yes, we’ll have to wait for some sort of official baremetal support. It’s a commercial product, they show some interest in expanding the supported platforms list and I don’t think anyone else would be writing a new RNBO engine implementation for fun.