Pitch shifter based on Daisy PatchSM

I started this module on Daisy Seed with my own hardware design but shifted over to Patch SM which made for much more compact design. This is a demo video I just put up on YouTube.


Greg, this is seriously impressive! Thank you so much for sharing the documentation video with the community.
This project must have been a lot of work and the result is a musical and fun module.

The color coded jack inputs and the corresponding color being displayed on the OLED is a great design choice. And I appreciate the “no deep menu diving” approach.

It may feel like an overwhelming amount of features to some, but they all seem necessary and work well together to get something musical going. I think it’s the right amount.
The strum mode especially seems like a lot of fun.

And you really gave the OLED display a workout! That keyboard interface was amazing enough to see but you also had envelope curve, spectrum displays, and more.

I’m looking forward to see where you’re taking this project. Please keep us all posted!

My pitch shifter is now available as a DIY kit!

The user manual and build guide are up on my website


:partying_face: Congrats!!!