PhaserSuper16 Petal

Made with Oopsy Daisy!!
I really am not well versed in code, especially C++, but I can whack my way through Max most of the time with some forum/help hunting. Gen~ has been entirely new to me.
BUT YESSSSS I am making Oopsy do what I want.

(.bin file included so you can load it up even if you don’t have Oopsy)
Also includes the gen~ hosting maxpatch I made with variables and I/O for testing

PHASER SUPER 16 for Daisy Petal
It’s like… EVERY Phaser Pedal you’ve ever owned is in there somewhere!!!

(chock full of many Gen~ chunks curated from across space and time)
Knob 1 - Mix
Knob 2 - 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, or 16 Stages
Knob 3 - Frequency “range” / Depth (Internal parameter for center frequency)
Knob 4 - LFO frequency or “BPM”
Knob 5 - Stage “Spread”
Knob 6 - Feedback 0 to -.99
Switch 1 - “Bypass” (mix = 0) LED indicates
Switch 2 - Free running LFO speed division/multiple LED indicates Waveform speed/shape
Switch 3 - switch between Free Run or “Tempo Sync” LED Indicates current position
Switch 4 - “Tempo Sync” LFO quarter note division/Multiple LED indicates speed
Switch 5 - Choose Triangle or Sine wave
Switch 6 - Choose SW5 waveform OR Sample and Hold (at 2x speed)
Switch 7 - Choose Expression input for phase position!

Enjoy my first public project.

I hope to add a MIDI sync input so I can get actual tempo sync happening some day in the future BUT maybe we’ll just use in 2 as some trigger-gate for sync.
I apologize to the many Max authors I manically borrowed code from. In the future I intend on keeping better track and annotations. I’m just excited.
Special thanks to @grrrwaaa forever