Petal power supply polarity

i have a stupid question, to which i could not find an immediate answer here, on wiki, etc.

what polarity of 9v supply is expected by the daisy petal?


Looks like that insane negative centre that guitar pedals use but don’t quote me on it

't is “that insane negative centre that guitar pedals use”

We wanted to be compatible with power bricks, and multi-power devices that a lot of people might have already had.

You probably should state that somewhere. Centre positive bricks massively outnumber centre negative bricks - CCTV cameras, non-smartphones, torch chargers, toys, etc. But given Daisy is for music then I suppose people are likely to have a guitar pedal one around.

thanks for the responses. now maybe i will make a firmware :slight_smile:

FWIW: i don’t think it’s particularly insane and in fact i’m glad that it will play nice with my pedal power distributors. (unlike, say, korg volca series which needs a polarity flip.)

but i agree 1000% that it absolutely needs to be stated somewhere. the nicest way would be a polarity symbol in the silkscreen, but at least put it on the product page and/or the wiki. (stating expected current draw would also be nice.)

my experience was probably not too uncommon: between the time i took delivery and did a first power/toolchain test, and the time i actually sat down to write some firmware, the shipped power brick had been absorbed into the pile of similar adapters of various polarities and current capacities. i could not make a solid determination from a quick glance at the schematic or the back of the board, and did not exactly feel like more fully disassembling the unit to trace the regulator pins or whatever.

thanks again