Pd2dsy: how do I set the SRAM in the terminal?

I’m currently working on a project where I would need more storage space than the one in flash, so I’ll end up needing to use SRAM or even SDRAM.

Since I’m not too well-versed in terminal at all, I don’t know where I would need to input “–ram” or “-rom” and “size”.

I do the usual…

source ./pd_env/bin/activate


python pd2dsy.py --board pod huge_reverb.pd

If anyone could let me know where the “–ram” or “–rom” and “size” come in, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!

You can kinda just put them anywhere, for example:

python pd2dsy.py --board pod huge_revereb.pd --rom size

This will create a program that will be placed on SRAM rather than internal flash. In order to run this, however, you’ll need the Daisy Bootloader (which you can install with the web programmer under the “advanced” tab at the bottom). Also, instead of holding the BOOT button and pressing reset, simply press the reset button and then press the BOOT button. You should get a smoothly breathing LED to indicate the Daisy bootloader is ready. Then just run the command as normal.

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Thank you! I got it working :slight_smile: