PD to C tutorials

I’ve been creating some tutorial videos to help people get started converting their pd patches using plugdata.

Getting Started:

How to target Daisy:

Pitch/CV and tempo sync in a custom synth voice:

What other topics related to Daisy shall I try to explain in the future? :slight_smile:


Just watched your latest video! It’ll be super helpful for new users to see the steps/process :slight_smile:
Thank you for the valuable resources!


would it be possible to show a tutorial on how to save audio files on a sd card?
For example if i made simple drum patch on Plug Data with each drum sound being a sample that was loaded onto an array.

is that possible with the Daisy patch init?

Thanks for making these videos

Unfortunately not, since that would require this to already be possible and it is not.

i do remember seeing a post you did of being able to load sample onto a table and being able to flash. I never tried it yet but will try

As it says in the post: these samples are saved inside of the program memory
There is no reading/writing from/to sd card being done.

This might be possible at some point, but someone would need to spend some serious effort to make this work and most of us work on this in our spare time :slight_smile:

yes i see that was described in the post .

Thanks again for all your help.

I will give this a try with having it stored in the memory.

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