Pd, Sample rate, delaylines and pd2dsy

Hello All,
While trying to compile a delayline pd patch for the patch.init(), I discover that pd2dsy complaines about delread4~ :
Don't know how to parse object "delread4~". Is it an object supported by Heavy? Is it an abstraction? Have the search paths been correctly configured?
But hvcc knows about this object …so what is the problem ? Is the hvcc provided by pd2dsy a very very very old version ?

Secondly, what is the maximum delayline duration ? I stumble into high pitch coming out the PatchInit if delayline is more than 2 sec (when compiled with plugdata).

And how to decrease the sample rate of Daisyseed with Pd ?

Any Help would be appreciated.
Last comment ( and not a flame) : it would be great if the documentation/ressources/ help / examples about programming DaisyXXXX derivative products could be a little bit more organised on Github. Users get lost and could feel like running away from the beautifull DaisySeed.

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Yes it is, about 1.5 years behind the current hvcc that ships with plugdata toolchain.

I’ve done delay lines of several seconds without any weird side effects.

The samplerate is hardcoded to 48khz. At the moment if you want to decrease it you’ll have to go into the resulting code and modify it yourself. There is a feature request open to make this optional: Feature request: ability to change samplerate and blocksize for Daisy · Issue #121 · Wasted-Audio/hvcc · GitHub

And I agree at the last part, a lot of information is quite fragmented with some outdated things left here and there. It can be quite confusing sometimes. We need a way to remove outdated things while reinforcing correct information.

Agreed! I am sure I am not alone in desiring clearer and up to date resources, particularly for the patch init.

Yes indeed, among other things, the docs of Daisyseed product could specify what kind and what range of value they output…depending on their alias… I must admit that I went mad for a couple of hours not knowing if what I received from the switch of patch.init() was a float, an integer or a bang… and it appears that it depends on the alias you use to call this switch!!!
Please, guys of E-smith, support your platform… write the docs!!!
Thank you a lot!

Thank you all for the feedback.

I totally hear you! It’ll be good to have the information in one place rather than going around GitHub, libDaisy site, ES site for datasheet, and etc.

We have been working more on documentation this year and we should be able to share more detail about that very soon.