Hi all,
I need your help because I have to solder the jtag connector on the submodule to debug,
but I can’t find a schematic .

Please could you help me ?


Here is a PN that you can use: 20021111-00010T4LF

Hope this helps!

Thank you!
What about pin connection ?

Maybe this is what @areviu is asking, but I’ve always been curious about which way the stlink connects on the submodule (apologies if this is documented somewhere, but I couldn’t find it). Is pin 1 marked by the little white right angle lines? So the red stripe is on the other side to the buttons?


yes ! I didn’t find either

If an answer from Electro-Smith isn’t forthcoming, one could use a multimeter to locate the power and ground pins, from which you can determine the correct orientation.

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Anyway I tried several configuration without success, maybe it is not connected at all?

anyone know of eurorack modules that use the patch submodule?

I finally got a header and gave this a go. It seems to be red line to the side with the white lines in the corner. More details in my reply here: Patch.Init() and stlinkv3 - #9 by whatnot.