Patch SM Debug Header

SInce the Patch SM I received a few weeks ago (in Patch.init()) came with the debug header installed, I assumed (oops) that they were installed on all of them now.

I received another Patch SM yesterday, along with another STLINK.
Darn - no debug header installed. But the Seed included in the same order came with a debug header installed…

The inclusion or exclusion of the header ought to be made clear on the ordering page. If E-S is trying to save a few cents, make it an order option, like the pins on the Seed. But it is quite inconvenient for me to have to track down this part and pay more shipping.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

The patch.Init() hardware does come with it installed but the Patch Submodule on its own does not.

  1. We’re going to update both product pages to make it clear.

  2. We’re going to add the debug header to our website as a part that can be purchased.

  3. Here is the PN that we recommend for that component: 20021111-00010T4LF

The Patch submodule I purchased came with the header holes soldered closed, preventing the debug header from being installed.

I’ve tried to desolder the holes with no success – they’re tiny and I’m afraid to destroy the board.

I’m not sure if I received a defective unit.

Hi meme-machine,

Could you share a photo of this?

Follow up re: header holes.
Electrosmith resolved my issue – excellent customer service.

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