Patch: No display after first upload

I just got my Patch out of the box and wanted to upload my first code with the USB Programmer. The Programmer told me:
“Wrote 53868 bytes
Manifesting new firmware

But now the display is dead and I don’t get any sound out of the patch. The only sign of life is the LED on the seed. Btw, that never started nor stopped blinking like it is foretold in the Wiki.

Tried some other code als well, no change there.
What do I do now?

Which example program did you upload?

It’s possible that the firmware you uploaded doesn’t use the display.

I tried PluckEcho, Patch3Test and vco in that order.

The versions of those examples on the programmer don’t use the display. This should be updated soon. Try flashing QuadMixer in the meantime.

This seems to work. Thank you for your help!

Hi, similar problem here. is my first day with Daisy patch. i followed the Daisy web programmer. After installation seems everything is ok but machine is locked. I can’t see anything in the screen (completly black) and just the reset light on the left side is on. if i try to reboot it responds to me and I can connect to web programmer, but after installation have always same problem. if any helps really thanks

Hi @embryonaler, sorry to hear you’re having some issues. Which example did you flash?
Maybe Noise would be a good one to start with.

Is your eurorack case powered on? The daisy can be powered over USB, but it won’t power the whole module, so the oled won’t work. You can use the USB with your case powered on no problem.

If that doesn’t work we can go through some other troubleshooting steps.

Thanks Ben,
Understand the point. Tried with Noise and it works. I ll move on new patches