patch.Init() range of CV pots

Hi, I am a beginner and puzzled by the results I get from the code below (the range of the CV input seems to be negative):

Measuring the voltage at the respective output I get:

CV_1: min: +0.17V, max: -8.65V
CV_2: min: +0.24V, max: -8.53V

#include "DaisyDuino.h"

DaisyHardware patch;

static void AudioCallback(float**  in, float** out, size_t size)
  float cv_1, cv_2;


  cv_1 = patch.GetAdcValue(0);
  cv_2 = patch.GetAdcValue(1);

  for(size_t i = 0; i < size; i++)
    OUT_L[i] = cv_1;
    OUT_R[i] = cv_2;

void setup() {
  patch = DAISY.init(DAISY_PATCH_SM);

void loop() {

I am using the Arduino IDE.

You’re sending the output to the Audio Outputs, which have a range of about -9 to +9v.
They also invert the signal, so +1.0 input produces about -9v output, and -1.0 input produces about +9v output.

I don’t consider it a bug, just a detail that needs to be considered, it’s discussed in the following thread:

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Thanks very much - this was very helpful!