Patch.init Pure Data Button issue

Hi all,

Starting out with Patch.init and Pure Data, I’m trying to figure out some basic things. I have audio in/out working fine, ctrl ins 1-8 also good. I’m using gate in/outs by sending alternating 1 and 0 messages.

However, I can’t get the button and toggle (the inputs from the module) to work. What’s the right naming convention and format? I was using Sw1 and Sw2.
Also, what’s the range of numbers/voltage out from the CV out?

Hi imri!

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This page shows you the available controls and the aliases: GitHub - electro-smith/pd2dsy: Utility for converting Pure Data (Vanilla) patches to Daisy projects.
It got kinda hidden after the release of pd2dsyGUI.

You can use something like [r button @hv_param] and it’ll output a bang.
I think [r sw1 @hv_param] should’ve worked too as sw1 is one of the aliases that you see in the table on that page.
If you use [r sw1_press @hv_param] (and I think [r button_press @hv_param] should work too), it’ll output a 1 when pressed down and when you let go it’ll output 0.

I recommend connecting the output of these to the front panel LED ([s cvout2 @hv_param]). So for [r button @hv_param], connect a toggle object after it to toggle on and off the LED. And for [r sw1_press @hv_param], you can directly connect the output of that to the LED and see what happens.

And for the toggle/switch on the module, you can either use [r switch2 @hv_param] or [r toggle @hv_param]. Again, connecting it to the LED will be a good way to test and understand how it works. :slight_smile:

Finally, as for the CV out, the range will be 0.0 to 1.0 in Pure Data and 0 to 5 volts in the physical world.
Here’s the datasheet:

I made a video on Patch.Init() that covers some of these topics if you’re interested Program Your Very Own Eurorack Module with patch.Init()! - YouTube

Let me know if you have any other questions!