PATCH.INIT() parts list

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I just started with the daisy development. I thought it would be a good idea to almost rebuild the PATCH.INIT() to get to know the workflow with KiCad and the PCB manufacturer and so on.
I am not really sure which parts (jacks, knobs, cardlsot) got used for the PATCH.INIT() module. The footprints in KiCad dont give me much info on name of manufacturer or type of components which are build into the module. Is there a list with all components?

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In a word, no. E-S provides enough info to design a board to use with Patch SM, but they don’t publish all the info needed to duplicate Patch Init() easily.

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I built a couple of patch.init()s, mostly using the files here:

There is a BOM.xlsx in there that may come in handy.


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Oops, I stand corrected. I forgot that they had the BOM in there.

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I went directly to the KiCad folder. Overseeing the Table. Awesome… Thanks jaradical! Lets see if I am able to source all those parts in Germany.