Patch.init knob values: 0.5 != noon position

Hey everyone! I’m running hardware test firmware and I see in the serial monitor that noon position on every knob gives me a value of about 0.35 and to get 0.5 I have to put it to about 2 o’clock. I looked in the code and on the forum and wasn’t able to find anything. I’m sure I’m missing something simple here, some help please?

I just tried it here, and I get .500 at just a tiny bit above noon on all 4 knobs, in Arturia RackBrute6U case.

hmmm. Interesting. I have the same case. Thanks for checking it!

Are you using a genuine Patch.Init() made by E-S, or a DIY copy? First thing I’d suspect would be wrong pots installed.

I ordered directly from E-S

Here’s mine, screen shows .499 to .501.

Yeah, looks right.

This is mine

Looks like warranty, or return.

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Thanks, I’ll contact E-S

Hey. In case someone runs into the same problem – E-S confirmed that it looks like a faulty unit, so I will be sending it back.