Patch.init() CV inputs automatically slewed?

Hello, I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with CVs inputs on the Patch.Init() module. Using it as a sound source, when I change the pitch using a CV input (like CV_5 or CV_6) the change in pitch comes out with a slight slew so that when the notes are played fast the phrase is “blured”. The incoming pitch signal comes from another module without any slew.
I made the patch in gen~ with oopsy, and didn’t put any smoothing function into it so there is no slew on the max version of the patch.
I probably missed something, but can it be an issue coming from the module itself or related to oopsy when flashing the patch into the module ?

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Same issue here, anyone else?
Can this be prevented?

I can look into this and reply over here: Unwanted pitch glide in this max patch for daisy, suggestions?

Thank you for the wait!

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