OUTPUT LEVEL control on my Field feels very loose

The ‘OUTPUT LEVEL’ control on my Field feels very loose. I haven’t tried pulling the knob off or opening the Field to look at how it’s mounted. The bottom of the knob is almost flush with the surface of the panel so you can’t see anything beneath. As opposed to the 1-8 knobs which are separated and you can see the mounting nut.

Any advice-instructions? Is this a known problem or just the way it is or broken?

Mine is the same. I’m not concerned

Thanks for the info Manysounds, I appreciate it.

I am still hoping to get an answer from Electro-smith. I am concerned, it feels like the Output Level control is hanging on by a thread. Let me know if I should ask through a different method.

The pot used for the level control is a dual gang pot, which has a plastic shaft and is not panel mounted.

So it does feel much “looser” than the other pots on the Field which are all metal shaft, and panel mounted.

That is probably what you’re experiencing.

OK, thanks.

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