OTG Midi keyboard

Hi Folks

I want to plug a usb midi keyboard into my seed and use that.

Has anyone done this or knows how to do it?

I’ve read over forum and found some stuff about power pins and usb_cdc wrapper e.t.c…
but it would be great have definitive instructions or a guide on how to do this.

many thanks!

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It’s very highly unlikely that this ever happened. There’s no support for USB midi in libDaisy and there are no known devices that have implemented USB host on Daisy. Other than those tiny problems, it’s theoretically possible :wink:

great!!! sounds like a wild odyssey of USB coding and mad soldering is incoming for someone!

I need put on my “Where the hell do I start” hat - for this one :slight_smile:


I think that hardware side is a bigger issue. If you end up with something that works, but is generating too much noise, you’ll just waste your time (ok, still a learning experience, but useless). As for software side, OWL supports using it with USB host, so there’s always a possibility to port it to whatever custom firmware.

Why would a midi keyboard generate noise - are you talking about audio electronic interference?

You can safely assume that anything USB generates noise by default. It includes digital lines in MHz frequency that easily leak in your audio spectrum. So yes, interference.

right - my electronics is limited to “ouch” hahaha - thanks for the info!