OscPocketD/Base - new module: Slicer

The Slicer is a new module (effect) for the OPD. The effect cuts up the sound, either at (controlled) random or by using modulators (even CV).

The Slicer is contained in its own source file (slicer.h) and is modelled on the DaisySP paradigm so it can be used in other projects.

Song used in the demo: [Dreams of Seagulls - Call Me - YouTube](Dreams of Seagulls - Call Me) (from my band Dreams of Seagulls).

OPD - the Daisy Pocket Platform - combines the Electosmith Daisy Seed with a 16x2 LCD Keypad to make a simple, inexpensive and portable audio tool running open source software.

Currently the OPD has several different applications (firmwares):
OscPocketD/Base - A multi-fx tool with a two voice synth, CV/GATE in and out
OscPocketD/Drums - An 8 track drum machine with sequencer, sync and several tweakable sounds
OscPocketD/Synth - A portable beat/song-making tool (no CV/GATE support yet)
OscPocketD/Sampler- A sampler and sampleplayer, CV/GATE in and out
OscPocketD/VASynth - A MIDI virtual analog polyphonic synthesizer

The OPD family is free software/open source!
Download, build, learn, modify, improve and share!

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