Option to disable screen enhancements for field, patch

Hellllllo everybody!
I know Oopsy is in slow motion development lately but it’s still ongoing, which is great.
I’m currently making a master FX box patch for my Field to drop into my synth rig and am a little frustrated that it would compile down to ~93k for the PatchSM but is 126k+ for the Field. I’m not certain exactly what is adding the bloat but I would LOVE the option to not have the extra bonus features added in, i.e. a single patch needing no encoder use to load in other patches and not having the beautiful UI enhancements available.
I suppose I could try to write my own JSON for this (he just realized while typing)!
I’ll let you know how that goes.

I would guess it’s the display support (and SPI peripheral), plus on Daisy Seed it supports 2 codecs at once and one of them requires I2C peripheral. I think there was a demultiplexer chip too.

You could try compiling with optimization for size or using bootloader if Oopsy supports that.


Thank you for your support!