Oopsy.xyz doesn't seem to auto suggest for me

Hi all,

I noticed that several people have referenced oopsy.xyz functions.
For me, I noticed that when I type in “oopsy.” into my gen object I do not get any of the audo-suggest functions. Did I miss a step and/or need to do something to allow these to show up when i’m working on a gen patch?

Thank you for your help,

Is the oopsy package in your My Documents/Max 8/Packages (or on osx: Documents/Max 8/Packages)? It needs to be in that path for Max to find the abstractions.

Hi @grrrwaaa,

Currently: Under My Documents\Max 8\Packages



The oopsy.* gen~ functions are inside /oopsy/code/ and they are defined as gendsp files (the file format for gen~ patchers). You can see them all there.

Oh – perhaps the autocompletion/suggestion of gendsp’s does not work inside a gen~ patcher. I don’t think I ever noticed that!
I’ll have to submit a bug report with Cycling 74 about that.


Thanks… glad it wasn’t just me. :slight_smile: