Oopsy: Trouble getting wav samples to load


Any tips on getting samples to load from SD card? I’ve got my max oopsy file working for patch. Getting the buffers to function is annoying but doable. Like they won’t work and then you just type in the name again and they work… oh well.

I’ve read all of the posts here on it, but when I go to use the hardware, the program isn’t seeing the wav file on SD.

It’s the only thing on the SD after a fresh format to FAT16, or msdos16. Whatever one the posts here recommend I did with the command prompt. Regular sd format, the 32 one, did not work either.


That’s the patch, which is really cool… centered around using high res wav files to run a sidechain pump effect. The wav file and further files are sampled directly from XFer’s LFO tool and it will eventually auto resize to incoming clock. So as you move around a performance patch, you have a pumping edm sidechain that is always in time and never needs adjustment like an envelope would.

Oh and it’s also a parallel ping ping delay & reverb with two mono and one stereo channel. So it mixes 3 and sidechains them to the beat AND you get two chains to send to VCAs so your whole live euro stuff moves with the beat.

If this works, the option is there for using audio files as modulation and then it’s incredibly easy to get Daisy to be any modulator using sampled DC wav recordings. Making multi segment envelopes and all that will be much less time consuming and idk…

I reallllyyy want this to work any help is appreciated. If I can get Daisy to do this I’ll probably end up buying another one as it would be the best digital module ever prolly. Can make anything at that point. Why mess with all the match programming when I can just draw a dc signal to do it in like 5 seconds?