Oopsy Pod LEDs, help pls!

Hi Everyone!

So this is probably a super basic question, but how can I control the colour of the LEDs on a Daisy Pod inside [gen~] and Oopsy?

The currently template that came with Oopsy just says its to send [out3 led1] and [out4 led2] -1 to 1 and that becomes red to green. Is there a way to make them fully RGB controllable?

I want to be able to assign a full range of colours for different menus, like in the “MultiEffect” example on the web planner. Ideally it’d be great to be able to send 0 to 1 to control individual R G and B channels on both LEDs

If it’s relevant, I have very little coding experience, but am amply capable in MaxMSP!

Any advice would be hugely appreciated!

Hi sorry I didn’t see this earlier!

I’m hoping to add full RGB control to the RGB leds in the next update. I just noticed there wasn’t a github issue for that so I just added it: Control individual RGB components of RGB led · Issue #36 · electro-smith/oopsy · GitHub

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Amazing, thanks! Looking forward to the new update!