Oopsy or Pd2dsy?

What would you suggest is better getting your hands dirty, Pd2dsy or Oopsy?
As I understood Pd2dsy still doesn’t have MIDI and there are some pd objects that won’t be supported.
Also the difference is that with Oopsy you can get OLED working?
Could you get a lot more from Daisy Seed using Max and Oospy than PD and Pd2dsy?
I am a PD user, but in that case I am considering buying and switching to Max.
Thank you

Hello mirko!

So Oopsy is gen~ and not quite MaxMSP. It’s a bit different from Max or Pure Data but it should be pretty smooth getting the hang of it if you’re familiar with visual programming.

Yes, but it’s limited in terms of customization. You would need to use C++ to display something specific that you would like. But if you just want a nice oscilloscope visualizer, CPU meter, and etc, you only need to specify that you’re using an OLED in the JSON file and these things will be displayed automatically without having to do anything complex.
For example, you can hook up the OLED (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N1LZQA8?th=1) like how it is with the Patch, select Patch in Oopsy, flash, and all the OLED stuff will be configured automatically :slight_smile:

Ultimately, familiarity and cost are going to be the main factors. I would recommend just jumping into pd2dsy first. And it’s worth noting that it is still being developed to add MIDI and etc.

Good luck and have fun!

There is a proof of concept that I hope we can get finalized soon. This would at least give MIDI i/o on both Uart and USB. It is definitely a big want that has been in the workings for too long!
Later we want to extend this so one can customize which pins to put these i/o on and how many.

As for the oled: how would you expect this to work? What is it you want to display on the oled and how would this information get there?
There are too many questions to answer here before we can even start implementing it. Some input on what is expected, or how it should be customized, is appreciated.