Oopsy - Momentary Start up State

Ive been having some hardware issues with my Seed Oopsy Patches where sometimes the unit will power up in an confused state with some options being inactive.

I would like to create a start up cycle within my gen patch whereby on power up I
I force the seed into a known state (perhaps using the @default parameters) for say 1000 ms and then revert to the settings as set by the knobs and switches.

How would I approach this within Max Gen?


Could the “hang up/lock up” have something to do with having oopsy.ctrl.smooth3 directly after the input of all my hardware Pots? Ive noticed if I change something in the Max Patch that has oopsy.ctrl.smooth3 in the pots patch cord path that I have to wake up the program parameter by adjusting the pots value. ?
The oopsy.ctrl.smooth3 function hasnt been an issue before but this effect has quite complex switching and as such i’m trying to work out what is causing the SW “hangups”.

Hey Ade,

Could you share a simplified version of this Max patch to get a better understanding of the issue that you’re facing? Preferably both a screenshot and a .maxpat file. Thanks!

Putting a single [oopsy.ctrl.smooth3] right after each knob input is standard, so I don’t think that’s causing the issue.

I would be happy to look at this closer with you!

Not sure if that is the issue, but mine does that too when powering up with a Traco 12 isolator.
That one has a surge protector and maybe that is too slow and confuses the MCU ?

Hi takumi,
I resolved this, it was just a complex rounding behavoir i had in my patch that set off the hangup.

That said, is there a way to force a momentary startup state like loadmess within an initial power on? It would be momentary and then go to current hardware settings.


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I can’t find the page number right now, but in the new gen~ book (Generating Sound & Organizing Time) some patches use an [elapsed == 0] object that seems to function similar to loadmess… I had never used that object before, so seeing it in the book stuck with me…