Oopsy Help ;)

Hi Guys !

I would be really happy if one of you could help me with the following:

1) I have VSCode and an STLink V3 debug probe set-up, and I can compile debug any pod example I use or create in DaisyExamples
( that might sound basic for you guys, but It took me countless evenings to get there…)

2) I have installed Max8 and using oopsy I generate for example “reverb.cpp” and “reverb.h” out of reverb.maxpat.

Now: that might be naive, but what should I carry across into into my 1) style project to get the max reverb running ?

a → of course if I open the “oopsy” generated project in VSCode I get again tons of messages I don’t have a clue about, and I don’t want to fight again like I did to reach "step b-> I’ ve tried to replace in the “standart” project hw.StartAudio(AudioCallback) by " perform(… ) that I saw in the generated reverb.cpp, but that does not work!

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To clarify, are you just trying to get the gen~ patch onto your Daisy, or are you trying to debug the generated code?

If the former, you shouldn’t have to dig into the files much at all, but oopsy is currently only set up to use USB to program the Daisy. So you’d have to just bypass the stlink.

If its the latter, or you’d just prefer to program the daisy via ST-Link (it is a bit quicker and no button presses). You can navigate to the generated folder inside of Max 8/Packages/Oopsy/Source/ and using a git-bash terminal on windows, or your standard terminal on other OS X you should be able to run make && make program to program via JTAG.

If you are trying to debug it, I have only done this briefly, but you’ll need to copy over, and edit a few files from a working example to get the vscode stuff working.

many thanks again Shensley for your answer.

To clarify:

I have painfully reached the point where I have managed to set-up VScode and the ST link and this way I am able to use your helper.py script to generate a template and enrich it to upload and debug code for my pod .

Now what I would like to do is to extract, or wrap the c++ code MAX8/oopsy generate for a patch in order to use it in the "AudioCallback(float **in, float **out, size_t size){…}.

For example in the pod/MultiEffect example you have :

void AudioCallback(float *in, float *out, size_t size)
float outl, outr, inl, inr;

case REV: GetReverbSample(outl, outr, inl, inr); break;
case DEL: GetDelaySample(outl, outr, inl, inr); break;

And you could also use something like: case PATCH1 : GetMaxPatch1( outl, outr, inl, inr);
assuming you have extracted and adapted the gen~ “erated” c++ code and added the corresponding headers.

Hope that’ s clearer than my initial post !

kind regards,

PS: I know oopsy inside MAX is supposed to upload the code. But again it does not work for me the way it is set-up, nor does work anymore the online command make program.