Oopsy drum machine

Hi! Now i making quad drum voice on Daisy Patch and can’t understand, how i can use separate midi notes with they velocities? Oopsy have a special triggers (param midi_note or somthing else), but they works only with full velocity (127) and can’t give me control for velocity. I use standart oopsy gen.midiparse but have a problem and don’t have enough knowledge… Anybody have solution or expirience with drum-machine building?

There should be a notevel (Note Velocity) output on your [oopsy.midi.parse]. It should be the fourth outlet. Please note that the range is 0.0 to 1.0.

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There’s also the [param midi_velN] option, which outputs velocity for a specific midi note, or [param midi_drumN] that is the same but only on midi channel 10. See MIDI Input · electro-smith/oopsy Wiki · GitHub


Yep, I figured it out. But its have strange behavior: when note is off, screen on Patch show me that param of note/vel is 0.5. Its equal to velocity = 64. And when i use ES FH-2 module for drum sequencing, the standart note velosity is 64 and 127 for accent and when i send standart note, it not works, cos equal to silent note in Daisy (. Only with accent.