Oopsy Dev Branch: SD Card "drumloop.wav" Example

Hi All,

I am keen on developing Oopsy patches that make use of the Daisy Patch SD Card, but I am having some trouble getting my Patch to recognize .wav files. Has anyone had success in using the SD Card with Oopsy yet?

I am attempting to use the “drumloop.wav” example @grrrwaaa shared on github, but every time I flash the example to my Daisy Patch the info screen displays a “no drumloop.wav” message. I am using the dev branch and placed a “drumloop.wav” file on both my SD card and in the same folder as sdcard.cpp". Any ideas on what I might be overlooking?

All I can tell you is that the code compiled and flashed fine, and correctly tried to load the file, but it couldn’t find the file on the SD card. There could be a few reasons why it might not work. It might be a case-sensitivity issue (“drumloop.WAV” instead of “drumloop.wav” etc?) or something about the way the SD card is formatted (filesystem?), or perhaps a compatibility issue between the SD card type and the Daisy hardware (I have no idea what the requirements here are, but for reference, I’m using a Lexar 16GB Micro SD 300x HC 1, and it is formatted with MSDOS FAT16 with no partitioning. The “drumloop.wav” is in the root folder.)

Hope this helps.


Ah, of course :sweat_smile:

I reformatted the SD card as MSDOS Fat16 and the “drumloop.wav” example patch loaded up without issue. I had assumed it was an issue with the sample file name or my dev branch installation, so I didn’t think to try reformatting. Thanks once again for the help, Graham!

To test, I borrowed from Gregory Taylor’s “peek_random_section_playback” Gen Tutorial example and made an Oopsy patch to slice and juggle breaks… so much potential :raised_hands: