Oopsy and custom lcd/oled screens and alternative low res screens


I’m trying to find some information on how to go about making super simple graphics (text dominated) on hardware lcd screens with ~gen and how to integrate that with Oopsy and a custom hardware eurorack module.

Anyone knows more about this and how I can teach myself on this?


Hey! Currently I don’t believe there’s a way to generate graphics from within gen. The menus available via the current version of gen are baked into the C++ translation layer, and can’t receive bitmap data from the patch. I haven’t looked into it too much, but we might be able to add this feature in some capacity, although the data rate would probably be pretty slow.

Thanks for the reply!

Well I would use it mostly for showing menus, pop-up-screens when adjusting a parameter with the digits changing along with an encoder turning. Stuff like that so I guess it would be okay with a somewhat slow rate.

But otherwise I would have to add any gui code in the c++ file itself after exporting the gen-code? (I’m not a total stranger to c++, but yeah of course would be awesome to have this functionality straight in gen/oopsy-world).

I think it is worthwhile to look into as I could imagine quite some people would be interested in adding a screen to oopsy-based projects :slight_smile: (I know I am at least)

I am very interested in this. Sounds like my desired usages are similar, scrolling through and selecting samples or patterns in gen~ using the encoder. I’ve just about got the encoder figured out. If anyone could shed any light at all on showing text menus on the screen, it would be much appreciated.

Oopsy actually just got some C++ code integration which would allow anyone to implement this easily (if they know C++!). I expect it would be a long time before any kind of menu system is implemented in Oopsy itself.

Sorry if I’m missing something obvious but where have you seen this updated c++ oopsy integration? I know a bit of c++. Might be able to do something with it

@sam The C++ integration is available in the cpp-inserts branch of Oopsy. It should see a merge to dev and then main soon (followed by a release!). Essentially, you could describe all your behavior for the display in C++ and then trigger different states or supply values with a number of inputs.

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