Olearia: a collection of applets for the Daisy Patch


A collection of applets for the Daisy Patch.

Mode Control Audio In
VCA Level Signal
VCO Pitch
Noise Level
VCF Cutoff Signal

All outputs direct through the audio outs.

Switch mode using the encoder. Hold the encoder and turn to navigate between applets.

CODE: https://github.com/CarlColglazier/Olearia

DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/CarlColglazier/Olearia/releases


Very nice. Maybe something like that could be a part of DaisySP lib.

It looks like you don’t deallocate memory on applet switch, this should probably be fixed.

Yes, good catch! I just fixed this in the latest commit.

Unfortunately my device is in USPS limbo for the next month. But if this is heading where I think it is, Applet is begging to become a template class to be reusable with different generators.

Release 2020.08.17 is out here: https://github.com/CarlColglazier/Olearia/releases/tag/2020.08.17

Now featuring a rudimentary waveshaper and FM VCO.

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Thanks for sharing, will try it out. The Daisy Patch (and your demo) could use some nice shimmering reverb, perhaps the JCVerb (https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~jos/Reverb/A_Schroeder_Reverberator_called.html) or https://github.com/highfidelity/gverb ? Or are there any open source implementations available closer to Strymon Big Sky ‘clouds’ or Erbe Verb?

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Found CloudSeed, which is the closest to Strymon Big Sky ‘Clouds’ I’ve found, and give the core is C++, it could be a nice candidate for a great Daisy reverb. https://github.com/ValdemarOrn/CloudSeed

Both a delay and reverb would be great additions. The documentation for JCVerb is quite a good starting point. I’ll need to learn a bit more about coding all-pass filters and comb filters.

This seems a good starting point: https://github.com/madronalabs/madronalib/blob/master/source/DSP/MLDSPFilters.h

CloudSeed c++ source is easy to read and has the all pass filter as well:

I had a go at a Schroeder Reverb as described in Physical Audio Signal Processing (Figure 3.7): https://github.com/CarlColglazier/Olearia/blob/39fe438e8a5a8082daeff95f41049f07d23f81eb/src/Applet.hpp#L64


On our way to an O_c / Disting like environment !!

It’s not a real Disting if you can understand how to use it without a manual!


If you can add a LFO into your app list, it would be perfect!