Notes on setting up debug environment on an nvidia jetson

Hey all I just want to share a few thoughts on what it took for me to get the debug environment up and running starting from scratch on a jetson xavier nx development board. This isn’t a comprehensive guide by any means just a place to document all the little things i ran into while following along with the linux setup documentation for debug with a stlinkv3

Everything went pretty smooth except for a few things:

I manually linked the arm toolchain components according to this post: apt - How to install arm-none-eabi-gdb on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) - Ask Ubuntu

The instructions for installing the arm toolchain on the official guide are unclear imo and don’t really work / give you any confirmation it worked. Also I had to link arm-none-eabi-ar and arm-none-eabi-objcopy along with the others mentioned in the post

I added upper case letters to some file paths in c_cpp_properties.json and fixed some deprecated file paths

I added executable permissions to otherwise would fail

the guide say to run “task build all” in the vscode command window which is confusing imo. the real goal is to run the task thing never worked for me

Needed to update openocd version from 0.10.0 to 0.11.0 as described by Openocd error "Can't find interface/stlink.cfg" - #4 by ben_serge

had error with USB access. Added a rule for the STlink according to eclipse - openocd **Error: libusb_open() failed with LIBUSB_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED** - Stack Overflow and [feature] STLINK-V3 programmer support · Issue #820 · stlink-org/stlink · GitHub. not sure if it really worked… I think it only worked after I swapped usb ports.

each project requires that I go into the “build” folder and add executable permissions to the files there otherwise make fails. Basically it gets mad until i give 777 to everything in the build folder. Then I’m golden for all debugging!

anyways hopefully this is helpful to anyone looking into setting this up for themselves. Takes a minute but don’t get discouraged, now I can debug!!